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Louada Raschke

"I have had the privilege of knowing and serving the Lord since I was 10 years old. Satan had planned for me to follow in the footsteps of those before me on both sides of my family; alcoholism, drug addiction, multiple divorces, abuse, violence, crime, witchcraft, fear, rejection and strongholds of wrong thinking, just to name a few. But the Lord had a different plan. Hallelujah! God stepped in and "Rescued" me. He became my Father, Healer of my heart, my Comforter, my Strength and so much more. God gave me a future and a hope. He called me into the ministry to share the life changing gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and the ministry of music. My desire is to win the lost, to see destructive lifestyles, addictions and habits broken, the sick healed and the church equipped for ministry." -Louada

Louada Raschke is a Licensed and Ordained Minister, Worship Leader, Recording Artist and Songwriter, Television Evangelist, Motivational Speaker and much more. Her God given talents reach the masses through ministry avenues such as Churches, Conferences, Aglow International, Christian Women’s Job Corps, The Coming King Foundation, Radio and Television Broadcasting, and various Concert Venues. Louada delights in seeing people transformed in God’s presence as they worship and study His Word. Her TV program, “Be Free,” airs on the national Impact Network on Dish, featuring anointed Bible teaching and Christian music. She has appeared multiple times on the “Praise the Lord” program at Trinity Broadcasting Network in San Antonio, TX. Also, several songs from her CD “Your Love” charted in the top 100 in the Christian Country Music genre. Her mission is to lead people to freedom and healing in Christ. Her life and ministry is built upon John 8:32, “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

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Donnie Raschke

Donnie has been Louada’s husband and covering for over 33 years. They have 2 grown children together, Cameron and Diona, along with 2 beautiful grandchildren, Zayne & Emma. Donnie loves horses, guns, and old western movies. Donnie supports Louada in her ministry and is devoted to help her answer the call of God on her life along with the vision that the Lord has given her. He is a hard worker who loves his family deeply and also loves the Lord. He is a blessing to our team and we praise God for making him a part of what the Lord is doing and for sharing his wife with us.


Jack Turner

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David James

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Donna James

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Jeff Kanady

Jeff is our rhythm guitar player and equipment manager. He has been married to Dawn since 1990 and they have two wonderful grown children, Kaycee and Hunter. We are so blessed to have Jeff on our team. He is a talented and anointed acoustic and electric guitarist. He has a humble servant's heart and is always willing to do whatever is needed, whether it is playing the guitar on the platform, driving the team from point A to B, or behind the scenes setting up equipment. He is faithful and committed to the call of God on his life and the mission of our ministry. He has a special gift of Faith and believes God for big things.  He loves to have fun and joke around but is serious about praising and worshiping our God. The Lord has a wonderful future and great plans for Jeff. We are so thankful he is a part of LRM.


Dawn Kanady

Dawn makes sure our ministry runs smoothly and efficiently in the areas of Administration, media and our product table, just to name a few!  She works behind the scenes taking care of small and large details that are critical to the success of the ministry. She is sensitive to the needs of the team and goes over and above to meet that need. Her biggest challenge is keeping Louada organized, on task, and keeping her from getting lost-which she is notorious for!  She does a great job assisting her in whatever is needed, allowing her to focus more on the ministry of the Word and music.  Dawn has a passion for God and His call upon her life.  She is a prayer warrior and loves to pray for the breaker anointing to come into people's lives. We are so blessed to have her on our team! Dawn is a mother of 2. She has been married to our Rhythm Guitar Player, Jeff, since 1990.  Her favorite scripture is Psalm 103:1-5, “Let all that I am praise Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise the Lord…”


Hunter Kanady

Hunter is the son of Jeff & Dawn. He is our Drummer and also one of our talented vocalists.  He plays the piano and guitar beautifully and writes songs as well.  Behind the scenes he manages LRM production, including our media sites, filming/editing for internet videos/television, and produced Louada's National "Be Free" TV Program for over 2 years. He has such a creative spirit. He is also very funny and always keeps the team in stitches with a plethora of jokes, voices, and his view of life. He is a man after God’s heart and strives to please the Lord and find the plan He has for him. In addition, Hunter is a college graduate with degrees in liberal arts, and applied science with a concentration in digital video and cinema production. We are so excited because he has learned things that will not only lead him to the exact plan the Lord has for him but so he can use this knowledge to help LRM grow and keep moving forward in the ever changing world of technology. He is an important part of our team and can’t wait to see the plan of the Lord come together in his life.


Leah Short

Leah is an anointed and talented lead/harmony vocalist and worship leader. She has a voice of an “angel” and a worshiper's heart.  Leah began singing with Louada in 2000 and loves being a part of her team.  She and Louada seamlessly “trade out” singing lead and harmony.  Together they have a unique, closely blended beautiful sound. She also manages our product distribution and creates the graphics for the ministry products. Leah is our woman of many talents. Not only does she sing, but she had her own taxidermy business, loves animals, gardening, and building things. We often joke that if we are in need of a tool, it’s probably in Leah’s purse. This isn’t typical of a woman, but Leah is not typical. She has a precious, fun spirit, and is always extremely blessed when someone learns to enter into the presence of the Lord. Leah has been married to Joe Brad since 1994.  Together they have 4 boys and 2 grandchildren. Her favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5 - “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your understanding.” Good words to follow, and Leah certainly strives to follow this in her life.


J.C. Short

J.C. is a delightful young man. He is 2nd in the line up of Leah’s 4 boys. He has a very sweet spirit and always brings joy with him.  He is our lead electric guitar player.  Whether he is playing upbeat praise songs or sweet worship ballads, he has a unique way of bringing a beauty and depth to worship that leads others into God’s presence. He is very creative with his music and has a signature sound all his own.  He also plays the trumpet and has been gifted with the ability to play many other instruments. J.C. started playing with LRM in 2012. That is also when he started playing lead guitar.  God has taken his hands and blessed him beyond his own ability in a very short time. J.C. enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his horse, & has a new found love for archery. God has great plans for this talented, outgoing young man.


Pamela Kanady

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Teresa McDonald

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Rusty Kanady

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