Water-Walkin' Faith-CD Series (Audio Only)

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WATER-WALKIN' FAITH-copy (2).jpg

Water-Walkin' Faith-CD Series (Audio Only)


Peter had such a passion for Jesus, such a love for him; to be with Him, to be like Him and to do what Jesus did; that he bailed out of a boat in the dark of night, in the midst of a raging storm.  He said “Lord, IF IT IS YOU, bid me to come.”


At Jesus’ one word command, “COME,” Peter was compelled to take a leap of faith. He knew He had a word from God and it provoked him to respond in FAITH!

Peter had a raw hunger for more. He wanted to enter into another dimension, to experience the miraculous, to live beyond mediocrity and the status quo, to follow Jesus’ lead and do what He did. Peter had crazy, WATER-WALKIN’ FAITH. Even if it was for just a moment, he stepped into another level. He tasted the “more” He broke through the natural laws and barriers into the realm of the impossible!


He then knew it existed and it was available to him, an uneducated, ordinary fisherman who did not care what anyone else thought. He just went for it. He wanted More of God and was willing to do what was necessary to have it. Into every life comes dark times. These are Water-shed, destiny-changing life events.


 Fear will speak loudly to cower you into a corner, to shut you down, shut you up and paralyze you as you wait for the worst to happen. But Fear is a liar!


Tune your ear to hear the still small voice of the Lord saying, "Come." Train your eyes to find Jesus in the storm and focus on Him. Hidden in every adversity and obstacle is a wide door of opportunity!


It is time for you to walk through that door, experience WATER-WALKIN’ FAITH, to do what you could not do before, to be who you were really were created to be. Now is the time to to step into your assignment, use your unique gifting’s and anointing to change your life, fulfill your destiny and make an impact on this earth!

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