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Louada Raschke has been teaching, preaching and leading worship for over 25 years. She and her team are available to share the salvation and healing message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, break addictions and equip others for ministry at large or small Churches, Conferences, Concerts, Street Ministry and any other doors of opportunity God may open, including Youth groups, Women’s Groups, Marriage Seminars and Praise and Worship Seminars. 

Louada is also available to minister at Parenting Groups or Seminars for those with children who are exhibiting rebellious behavior and emotional and physical difficulties. She has seen first hand the miraculous healing power of God for her child who was given no hope of ever living a normal life.  He was diagnosed with a severe case of A.D.H.D; O.D.D., C.A.P., an enlarged frontal lobe of the brain, neurological and psychological problems. That child is now an adult and is in his 2nd year of his doctorate after obtaining his masters with a 4.0! She is able to give hope to those who have been given a “hopeless” report. She shares the secrets God shared with her that enabled her to cope and her child to succeed.  It is a dynamic, victorious testimony of God’s healing and delivering power that has helped many parents.  She has given this testimony three times on Trinity Broadcasting Network airing on KHCE-TV in San Antonio.

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It is the mission of Louada Raschke Ministries to share the gospel as we minister in large or small Churches, Conferences, Retreats, Seminars, Concerts, Prisons, One on One personal ministry and any other doors of opportunity that God opens and directs us in. God has called this ministry to touch lives through preaching and teaching, and to minister in music through concerts and the leading of Praise and Worship.

We would count it a privilege and honor to come to your area and serve you in ministry. We operate on a Love Offering basis and in some cases assistance with travel expenses is needed.

If you would like us to come to your area please contact us using the contact information below or complete theform and we will get back in touch with you promptly.  Thank you!

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