God's Open Door (4 DVD set)

2018 Gods Open Door Store.jpg
2018 Gods Open Door Store.jpg

God's Open Door (4 DVD set)


2018 is the year of “God’s Open Door!” We are summoned to come
up higher and enter God’s open door to receive His perspective and
instructions. Expect divine intervention, miracles, signs and wonders
 as we live “heaven to earth!” God is giving grace to finish and
complete the old and enter the new that He has for us. It is a year of
coming out of captivity and living in freedom. In specific areas that
 you were unable to change before, you will be successful through
God’s grace!

In this series Louada will teach you the hidden meanings behind the
Hebrew calendar year 5778, which is our Gregorian calendar year 2018.  
This revelation will empower you to cooperate and align yourself with
God’s seasons and what He is doing in the world and in you!


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