I was barely 18 and my husband was 23 when we got married. We are blessed to have 2 wonderful children that we are proud of. Our daughter is 30.  She and her husband have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. MY son is 27 and is engaged to a lovely young woman. My husband and I have a history.  We have had many good times and some hard times.  I am so glad our marriage has stood the test of time and trials.  We are a family, not a perfect family, but we are bound together by love.  Some days our marriage feels perfect, some days it feels not so perfect but love is not so fickle as feelings. Married love is a blessing; a lifelong covenant, commitment and choice. Many of the problems and differences I once considered insurmountable, in retrospect seem so petty and insignificant now. A couple of generations ago divorce was not even an option. You just rolled up your sleeves, worked your differences out, learned to compromise where needed and put the other persons needs first. Now it seems divorce has become the first alternative to consider. Sometimes Satan will make certain traits of your spouse or undesirable qualities loom much greater than their positive ones. Beware of that trap. Now mind you, there are certain serious and dire circumstances where divorce is a must. But most often that is the exception to the rule.  Marriage is a 3 way covenant between God, you and your spouse. God is love, and love never fails (1 Cor. 13)! That is really good news for married couples. Keep God in the middle of your marriage. Lord, help us to see our spouse as  You do, forgive our spouse as You do, love our spouse as You do. Help us to love as we want to be loved and to forgive as we want to be forgiven. Keep our focus where it should be Father and make our marriages and families strong in Jesus name! 

If you have been through the heartache of a broken marriage and divorce, no matter what the reason, God loves you more than you can imagine! He has a good plan for your life. He can bring beauty out of ashes. God specializes in restoring our broken lives, be it from a divorce or a troubled marriage. He can heal your heart right where you are in life and give you a new beginning. He is still a God of miracles!